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Websites you can make money easily

This website are legitimate, if you want to make money online.
INBOX DOLLARS. This is a great site to make legit money on. You receive $5.00 for signing up. I have made over $50.00 a week. The money is very easy to obtain. This website has many things you can do. You have the option of filling out simple offers, shopping, playing games, reading emails, and taking surveys. The minimum pay out for when you first sign up to the website is $30.00 and you'll make that in no time. You can request a check once you make the $30.00. Inbox dollars however have no other method of payment. 
SEND EARNINGS. This website is similar to Inbox Dollars. The same principles apply here. You receive a $5.00 bonus just for signing up. The website looks almost identical to Inbox Dollars. You are allowed the same options on this site as you do on Inbox Dollars. This site is a good site as well. The minimum pay out for this site is $30.00 also. 
PRIZE LIVE. Prize live is a very easy site to develop an income…