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There are three (3) membership packages today with the same equal opportunities for all. There only difference is the variation in package contents in terms of products. They include:

  1.    Global Package A: N41, 888
  2.   Global Package B: N41, 888   
  3.   Global Package C: N36,000


      1.      You must have a SPONSOR? 

      2.      Fill up the membership form. 

      3.      Pay for any of the membership global packages of your choice. 

To become a registered member or legal distributor of AIM Global, Inc., you just avail any of the Global Packages above.

The Global Business Registration Package provides you a wide range of benefitsas follows:

1.      Global Package with products worth the amount registered. The return on products is around 80% thus, this is not pyramiding. What constitutes pyramiding is when the return on products is below 74% of your capital exposure. Hence, more on recruiting people to join the network and not with people who are loyal to the products.
2.      After the registration, you’ll get 25% lifetime discount on all products in your next repurchase for a lifetime.
3.      Business Kit on the product and the marketing plan and other enclosed brochures and literatures.
4.      Data Tracking Center (Free Web Page). Our business is internet-based for purposes of monitoring of recruits up to infinity, our daily sales and transactions and for encashment of our income (anywhere on the globe, we can monitor our sales and the activity of our downline members). Our website address is You may access your account by logging on using your User Name and Password.
5.      ATM Card (either BPI or BDO). It is a zero-maintaining ATM cards. Our income will be withdrawn through our ATM after 24 hours from encashment at our site.
6.      Global Business. We emphasize here global because the distribution started in the Philippines and it will further spread to other countries as AIM Global continues to hold on to a 30-year contract with Nature’s Way.
7.      The investment is so small but it has a big return. The company is that so generous to its distributors. So even if you will do the marketing or not, still you earn great return of your money. So, definitely, it’s not a scam.

1.      Retailing. It involves direct selling. In here, you will enjoy your 25%discount of all the products. For example, 1 blister pack or box of C247 can be purchased at our center in the amount of N3,838 and you can retail that in the amount N5,108 giving you an income of N1,270.
2.       Direct Referral Bonus. For every person who registered under you as sponsor, you are entitled to a referral bonus of N1,900. This will automatically be credited to your account upon completing the registration process of your recruit.
3.      Sales Pairing or Matching Bonus. We employ the binary system of recruitment. You have left and right sales force. Every time there is a pair, you will receive a matching bonus of N5,700. We are allowed only 16 pairs a day or a minimum income of N91,200 per day (16 pairs x 5,700). The 17th pair for that day is considered a flushed out and it will be an income of the company. This is the company’s safety net; the way to earn income.
4.      Unilevel Sales. This meant every sales of every position directly under you (your own downline) you are entitled to 10 percent of their total sales value credited to your own sales value, and everyone below that up to the tenth (10th) generation – you are entitled to 5% of their total sales value.
5.      Stair Step (Overriding Commission). Aside from the unilevel sales, a distributor will get an overriding commission once his or her rank is promoted. Hence, for every rank there is a corresponding overriding commission assigned and requirements.
·         Global Ambassador1000 Global Packs 30% + 5% Unilevel.
·         Gold Executive 100 Global Packs 20% + 5% Unilevel.
·         Silver Executive 10 Global Packs 10% + 5% Unilevel.
·         Distributor 5 % Unilevel.
Based on the data shown above, the Stair Step Plan or Overriding Commission is based on a hierarchical system, from which the top position directly earns a higher percentage of commission based on sales value. If you are a Global Ambassador you are entitled to a 30 percent commissions on all sales done by distributors along your genealogical hierarchy, 20 percent on all Silver Executive and 10 percent on all Gold Executive.
* It is not an individual purchase, but a group purchase.
6.      Royalty Income. This applies only to global ambassadors who have also members who become global ambassadors. For each of the global ambassadors under him or her, he or she will get a royalty income of 2% for the group sales.
7.      Other Bonus for Global Ambassadors:
·         Global Ambassador 2000 – Part-owner of the Company – 2% profit sharing per year.
·         The 16 pairs per day is increased to 20 pairs per day or a maximum income of N114,000.00/ per day.
AIM Global, Inc. is a pro-distributor or pro-downline company because of the following reasons:
1.      Global Package. Small capital exposure but with big return of investment(ROI).
2.      No Quota. There is no quota to be maintained per month or per year.
3.      No Time-Frame. You are given time freedom in doing your business.
4.      No Demotion. Since there is no quota, then there is no demotion of rank in the stair step. Thus, if you are currently ranked as Gold Executive, in no way you will be reverted back to Distributor status.
5.      No Pass Up. Let us say hypothetically, you and your immediate 2nd up to 5th downline are not doing the business and someone at your 6th level downline had managed to elevate himself to Silver Executive (SE), then to Gold Executive (GE), then finally to Global Ambassador (GA) in just a year by attaining the 10, 100, 1000 Global Packages for SE, GE, and GA, respectively. As he/she is elevated to a new rank, so does everyone above her direct genealogical line. Aside from being elevated, everyone above her is entitled to a small percentage of her total group product sales value, with the GA earning as much as 2%. This is the very reason why in three years, AIM Global has already produced 80 millionaires.
6.      Dynamic Compression. This refers to the unilevel sales. What will be included in your 1st to 10th unilevel sales are only those downlines who are making a repurchase for that month. For example, if your 10th downline has no repurchase for this current month, and the 11th downline has a repurchase, then the latter will take the place of former.
7.      Gift Checks. As discussed above, there is a corresponding N5,700 for every pair of recruits. The company devised a cycle of gift checks for 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th pairs. Free products rotated per cycle.
8.      It has many ways to earn income.
9.      It has many surprised bonuses and incentives for distributors (e.g. Trip to Hongkong, Asian Cruise, US Trip, etc.)


For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to call  Edna on 0803363071 or Nyekazi 08037066632 . You  can email or 

YOU can also visit: Alliance In Motion Global Nigeria  offices 
No. 87 Upper New Market Road, Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.
#8 Dar Es Salaam Street Opposite National Open University of Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.
No 45, WOJI road, GRA Phase 2, Off OluObasanjo road, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
Bovas Petrol Station at Bodija, beside Methodist church, Kongi, Bodija. Look up, you will see a cream color story building with big board displaying AIM GLOBAL (Alliance In Motion Global).
Buffalo House 2, Allen Avenue, By Allen – Opebi Roundabout, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Please Note:
Seminar Day: Mon – Sat., Time: Morning (11am – 1pm) and Afternoon (2pm – 4pm).

1. AF477881
2. F661059
3. AF086664
4. AF561756
5. Af603566
6. AF315540
7. AF995710
8. AF987031
9. AF437940
10. AF978358
11. AF909655
12. AF407054
13. AF088954
While entering the seminar building either at Ibadan, Onitsha, Abuja or Lagos, they will ask you to fill a book before entering, you will see UPLINE-  ENTER  AF477881

Friday, 15 March 2013

Loose Weight and Be healthy

Prices of Edmark. Shake Off, Splina, Red Yeast, Meal Replacement, Ginseng in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Hi Friend, Our prices for Edmark products:
Shake Off N5000
Splina Liquid Chlorophyll N5000
Red Yeast Coffee N1800
Ginseng Coffee N1800
Meal Replacement Therapy N11500
However, it is cheaper to order the Edmark Pack for N29,000 (you will receive 2 Meal Replacement Therapy, 1 Shake Off, 1 Splina, 1 Red Yeast, and 1 Ginseng Coffee). Buying the products individually will cost you N35600. If you buy the pack you are SAVING N6,600.

FREE DELIVERY: All Port Harcourt area.
For your Order / Business Opportunity,

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Websites you can make money easily

This website are legitimate, if you want to make money online.

INBOX DOLLARS. This is a great site to make legit money on. You receive $5.00 for signing up. I have made over $50.00 a week. The money is very easy to obtain. This website has many things you can do. You have the option of filling out simple offers, shopping, playing games, reading emails, and taking surveys. The minimum pay out for when you first sign up to the website is $30.00 and you'll make that in no time. You can request a check once you make the $30.00. Inbox dollars however have no other method of payment. 

SEND EARNINGS. This website is similar to Inbox Dollars. The same principles apply here. You receive a $5.00 bonus just for signing up. The website looks almost identical to Inbox Dollars. You are allowed the same options on this site as you do on Inbox Dollars. This site is a good site as well. The minimum pay out for this site is $30.00 also. 

PRIZE LIVE. Prize live is a very easy site to develop an income on. This site gives money away like water! Literally, this site is amazing. You get money for viewing websites, playing games, writing blogs on the forums, offers, and so many other ways. The minimum pay out for this site is $1.00. The method of payments are Gift Cards, Checks and Paypal. The only con with this website is you only receive payment once a month. But, you still receive a lot of money that month! To sign up for this site.

POLL BUZZER.  This website is one of the best. This is a new online company. They pay you $1.00 for every multiple choice question you answer in your email. YES, I said they pay YOU $1.00 for every ONE multiple choice question you answer in your email. However, a con is they don't send you many emails. But, it's still a good income over a month. The PRO for this website is there are no minimum payouts!. They pay you the day or a couple days after you answer you question in your email. All you have to do is sign up.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Recharge Card Printing Machine For Sale

One of the gains of telecommunication privatization in Nigeria is the various telecoms network provides that can be seen in Nigeria today.  These network provides include Airtel, Etisalat, Globacom, MTN, Visaphone, Multilink, Starcomms etc.  This gave the masses opportunities to talk to love ones at any time and be able to transact business with associates.
This revolution so to speak also brought employment opportunities, as we can see people selling phones, recharge cards and other phone accessories.  Initially, when the various network providers came, for you to be a distributor you have to pay huge sums of money.  However, all that is in the past now, as you can be a distributor without paying anything now.  All you need is to buy the recharge card printing machine for Just N65,000 and pay for your pins and start printing.  This is a great opportunity for any one who want to make extra income and be his own boss.
To purchase this machine, call the following numbers 08183766530 or 08030753624.